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Is “Learning Offer” a good term for a modern form of what once was called a “course”?

This is a blog post from Stackechange (English language usage). MobileBE coordinator Christian Geiselmann asked for better ways to express what in MobileBE we so far called a "method". 

"I am in search of an adequate term for something in the area of education. Dictionaries and various online resources have not helped so far. Here is the thing I need a word for:

Context: In adult education there are various forms to organise teaching or respectively learning. Traditionally, adult education providers have "courses" or "classes". However, modern pedagogy (or andragogy) tries to avoid terms like "teacher" and "teaching", because there is a general tendency in the field to reduce the role of the "teacher" and to give as much emphasis as possible to the role of the "learner". The "teacher" in that context is seen rather as a facilitator to help others (i.e. the learners) to engage in a learning process (ideally with each other), e.g. by providing a favourable environment (place, time, materials, atmosphere, etc.)

Accordingly, traditional terms such as "course" or "class" are not suitable anymore. More appropriate seem to be expressions such as "learning offer", "learning arrangement", "learning setup" or "learning format". (In German the terms Lernangebot and Lernarrangement or Lernformat are common amongst adult education professionals, although not really amongst the wider public).

My concrete problem: I need a way to speak of such "learning offers" to my international (European) adult education colleagues in an multinational project we are carrying out at the moment. The project is about developing new - yes - "learning offers", "learning formats", or how ever you want to call it. "Classes" or "courses" would be too much implying traditional forms of teaching, and our project is exactly about the opposite thing: helping people to engage in learning activities themselves and actively.

So I could easily use "learning offer" as a very general term. But on the other hand I do not want to coin terms myself; rather I would like to use a term that is established in the English speaking world (amongst professionals) without sounding too weird to the general public. So, the term should be both acceptable for experts, and self-explanatory for those who see it the first time.

A sample sentence would be:

As everybody in our team is currently preparing their two pilot projects to test new learning offers, please find included a list of all new learning offers we so far have created.

What do you recommend?

So far I have been calling these things methods, but methods is such an unspecific notion (that can mean everything) that I always run into problems with it."

For answers by native speakers of English see the article in Stackexchange.

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